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For so many businesses and employees the last 12 months has been so difficult, full of change. Many employees being asked not to attend work, returning sporadically and we have all been stuck in our homes … a lot!

This will have had without a doubt an impact on our employees mental health. Whilst many employers may understand that their employers mental health could have suffered throughout this period, it is perhaps a good idea to push this subject up your agenda over the coming months when expecting employees to return to the workplace.

Understandably, employees could have spent time over the past 12 months worrying about finances, isolation, their health, the health of their families, work related concerns (whether it be working from home and not knowing when to switch off or working in the office and taking on additional work where others have been furloughed).

Many employers have been creative with engagement approaches throughout the Pandemic ensuring employees are connected to the business, but some have opted for an “out of site, out of mind approach”, many will site somewhere in the middle.

Whatever your approach has been, when designing your return to work (or indeed office) plans over the coming months, the first thing to remember is to express to your workforce is that you understand that life has not been easy of late, that they can ask for help and they know that they are not alone.

If you are approached by your team and you aren’t sure what to do, call NucleusHS and we will guide you through your return to business strategy.


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